Saturday, March 26, 2016

Cruise with Royal Carribean 2016 - Day 3

We docked at Langkawi port on the 3rd day (2 Mar 2016).
Had in-room breakfast at the balcony, looking out to a great view.

After that, we went to Mum room to see their balcony view.

We didn't go for the shore excursion.
Instead, my mum, dad, G and I went out to the Langkawi Duty Free Mall to walk.
While my other family members stayed in the cruise.

When we were out of the cruise, I was surprised that we did not need our passport.
We just need our SeaPass to go back in.
Anyway, we got a cab and were dropped at Zone Duty Free shop.
The ride cost about RM15-20.
We walked about for 2-3 hours, only bought some food souvenirs before heading back to the cruise.

Once again, tried to take a photo of the huge ship but still fail. LOL.

Oh, on this day, I sign up fo the Singtel DataRoam Saver plan for Malaysia for a day.
It cost me $19 and I could share it with my family. LOL.
However, its really useless to buy data when you are on the cruise because when the ship is cruising, the data is really low and you won't be able to get connection.

Just a selfie that I sent to my girlfriends. Haha~

While my family were away to watch the Ice skating show, G and I went to look for activities.
Actually, I wanted to try the rock climbing but was a little afraid and also scare I'll broke my nails so in the end, we didn't try it.
Instead, we went for other activities like playing basketball, table tennis.
When I met up with my family again, we went to a game room and we played Big 2.
If I were to gamble with them, I'm sure I'll be the biggest loser. D;

Dinner at the same dining room again.

My dinner of the day is chicken rice.
And I love the rice and the sauce.
The sauce is not spicy, its not your usual chicken rice chill sauce.
My family asked for a total of 6 plates of the chicken rice's rice. LOL!

This toast with condense milk is tooooo sweet.
Its like I feel that I'll get diabetes after eating just 1 mouthful of it.
But its sis-in-law's favorite. -.-

Our usual table number and waiters.

Night spent at casino again.
The 2 slots machines became my sis and sis-in-law income generating machines.

Back to room and saw Mr. Monkey joining the bat. Haha~

G also bought me an advance bday present - MK bag!
I guess its cheaper than outside.
Bought it at less than USD300 which I think its quite worthy.
Just that the bag is a little small so I cannot put much stuff in.
Still, I like it.

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