Thursday, March 17, 2016

Start of Term 5!

It's the start of Term 5 today!
Woah! I am coming to the second last term.
Getting nearer and nearer to graduation. (I hope!)

During the break, I have been watching drama after drama, just wasting time.
Hence, I've been neglecting my blog and even Facebooking and instagramming.
It is really that exaggerating and I can't believe myself also. LOL!
But I am glad that, other than busying with work, I am able to do things that I really love.

Well, the next 2 terms gonna be tedious.
I am having 2 months of classes for Term 5.
Hope its gonna be good.
Term 6 should be a few classes for a module but still gonna write my 10,000 words of dissertation.

Talking about dissertation, I just submitted my 500 words proposal today.
Hopefully my supervisor gonna be good.
It was really difficult to think of a topic to write because Business Management is a wide topic.
In the end, I settled for a HR topic.
Initially I wanted to write HR + M&A but due to not much information on the internet so I dropped the idea. :(
Well, most importantly is to choose something that I can write and I am comfortable with so that I can pass that paper.

Hmm, I still haven get back my last term assignments.
It is really worrying because I don't know how I fare.
Hopefully, the school will announce for collection soon.

Lastly, I'm looking forward to the end of this term then I am heading for a family trip again!
However, unlike the cruise trip, some of the family members are not going.
Still, I hope it will be an enjoyable one. :)

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