Friday, April 01, 2016

Hello April~

Start of a new month, my favorite month of the year and its April's Fool Day!
Thought I'll start the month feeling better but doesn't really seem so.
For the past few days, I was very very busy with work.
To the point, I don't even know what I am doing anymore.
Maybe today I got a little worked up, and ranted too much, and almost scolded someone in the office.
Hence, I guessed I was being misunderstand as in a bad mood today.
Felt bad because it was my fault in the end.
Well, I did apologized to the person so I am not guilty. Haha..
Anyway, I was down with a bad cough and sore throat for the past few days but still need to carry on with work.

I think sometimes when it comes to fate, it's difficult to escape from it.
Of all places where I thought it's not easy to bump into someone I might know, I was still able to bump into this person. -_-"
Well, I'll just treat it as its an April's Fool joke that fate has for me.

Hmm.. counting down to 20 plus days, I'll be entering the last year of being a twenty-something. #aging
Time for some reflection!
I'll be back.

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