Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fresh Look of My Blog!

Finally a year plus past since the last blogskin (Theme: Life's A Melody).
This time its just a simple design, not the previous complicated design.
And the theme as you can see its Live Laugh Love.
Live, Laugh, Love has somehow become my life motto now.
Live Healthy. Laugh Happily. Love Heartily.

I only took about 3hrs to do the design + the coding. :)
But I guess I will change the colours of the border.
Too blue already, dont you think so?
Anyway, I've added the comment column and thinking of removing the cbox soon.
So maybe in future if I removed it, you can just comment at the comment box alright?

If there's anything you think that I can improve on for this blogskin, please feel free to let me know!
I'll try my best to make the changes, to make you readers feel more better when reading this space okay~ :D

Alright, signing off now.

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