Monday, October 03, 2011

Good Doings

Just now, I took a cab down to my accounts office.
When i reached the place, i took out my cooperate card in order to pay the cab driver but he told me he forgot to on the meter so he dont want to charge me.
The old uncle tell me, "its ok, never mind."
I felt very awkward taking a cab without paying so i took out a $5 note from my own pocket to pay him.
I get out of the car still hearing him saying its ok.

I wonder how many of you will do the same things as me?
I guess most people will take the chance of not paying maybe because its for your own benefit.
However, I see the the uncle who looks very old age (white hair, wrinkled hands), and he is working hard to earn money.
I feel quite pitiful for him.
Even if he's a middle age man or a young guy, I will still pay or give some amount to them because everyone out there out working for a living.
I guess I know the feeling of working as a cab driver because my dad is also one of them so how i know how hard the money is earned.

Anyway sometimes I do wonder if I do something good, will i get something good in return?
But there's a saying that good people doesn't do you good too (好人沒好報).
Sigh, this world is too complicated!

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