Saturday, October 01, 2011

Drastic Change

I said bye bye to my Ash Brown hair..
It has been following me for about 10months since January.
I really likes it and the photos I took, looked very nice.
However, it is really high maintenance, as in I need to retouch it like every 2 months.
Moreover, I'm damaging my hair already.
It becomes very dry. :(

So I'm changing to NATURAL BLACK!
I haven had black hair for years.
Hope I wont be itchy hand to go and dye it after few months. Teehee..

So how do I looked? :)

Some of my friend still prefer me with brown hair but I guess maybe they seen me with that color for a long period.
BF and Sis also said that they cannot get used to my black hair. Haha..
Anyway, I know they can get use to it after a period of time..

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