Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas 2015

My usual Christmas celebration was to meet up with my groups of friends.
However, some of them postponed so I'll have to meet them next year.

17 Dec 2015
Met up with Veron and Steph for Christmas Exchange and catching up session at Timbre.
Most of all, we were there for the duck pizza!
But the place is really not good for chatting due to the live band.
Hence we moved to Kopitiam and la Pokka green tea.

23 Dec 2015
Met up with Hanisha at Sports Hub.
Below skyline photo was taken at Water Sport Center.
It's a nice place to see scenery. :)
We dined at Crab in da bag because she always wanted to try something like that.
Food and serve is very good!

24 Dec 2015
Christmas Eve with my dear SW.
At the usual place - JEM/Westgate area.

Christmas Day & Boxing Day
Spent the 2 day with G.
Been eating, eating and eating. -_-"
We also watched Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Presents from friends and colleagues, actually missing out the gifts from my bitches. :X
Anyway, I guess I have been good for this year so thanks for all the love. :)

And that's all about Christmas.
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

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