Thursday, December 31, 2015

Concluding 2015

2015 wasn't a very smooth journey for me.
I understand that there are ups and downs every year.
As I read my past summary of the year, this year seems to be the worst year of my 28 years of living.
I struggled too much with life, work and school.

At one point, I feel that everything seems crumbling down on me.
The only strength that I got was from working and studying to numb myself. 
Others seems surreal to me.
I hoped that everything is unreal so that I won't suffer.
Perhaps it's my fate to make me learn a lesson from these.
Well, luckily I got up my knees and brought myself forward.
I just felt that I got to help myself because no one can help me.
"You are a strong and independent woman" and "You can live without anybody", that's what my dad and Steph said to me this year.
So I guess I'll take that as words of encouragement for me.

Something positive this year is that I finally set foot in Japan!
My dream destination and I love Japan so much!
Hokkaido is really a beautiful place to be in!
My Hokkaido travelogue will be up next. :p
Other than that, I also traveled to Bandung, a brand new experience.
Looking forward to the family trip next year that already been booked few days ago.
Really excited about it because it's been so long (maybe about 10 years) since we had a family trip.
And hopefully, able to go Finland in the last quarter of 2016 too.

And since I got proposed, I guess wedding bells should be ringing soon?
However, I guess it's still better to take things slower.
Since our house will be in 2017/2018.
Honestly speaking, I'm not very ready for next stage yet.
I think I am very 矛盾。
Well, I guess come what may.

Regarding my school...
Although I had a very hard time struggling with my assignment, I am glad that I really learn a lot.
I am able to relate some of my studies to the business operation, which is a good thing.
Collected my result slip few days ago and I am relieved that I was able to progress to Term 4!
Happy to know that my course mates progressed with me too.
Next, we'll be looking forward to graduate together! :D
So yesterday, I started my first lesson for Term 4.
Anyway, hard work really paid off and money well spent.
Most importantly, I am left with 8 more months to get that valuable certificate!

Oh, I feel that I am writing better in blog, as in expressing myself in words and my language used. Do you think so? :p
I hope I am...

In hindsight, everyday is an important lesson to learn which in turn makes me be a better person.

Year 2016 will be the last year that I'll be in my twenties.
Don't really want to set so much resolution this time.
Last year, out of 6 resolutions, only accomplished 1 or 2.
Hence in 2016, I look forward to a better me.
I hope to be more positive and confident in myself. :)

Lastly, I wish you have a great year ahead too!
Happy New Year~~!!


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