Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Kaohsiung; Taiwan 2014 - Dream Mall 梦时代

After our trip at Jing Yuan Leisure Farm, we headed to Dream Mall.
There is free shutter services at Kaisyuan station, you can find it at Exit no.3.
When you come up, you will be able to see the tent below.
There should be many people queuing up for it so it's easy to locate.

Translate from the banner at the tent, I guess you are able to rent a taxi for NT80 or sharing with others charging NT20 per pax.
Looks affordable for me, but we still took the free shutter bus.

I guess the main attraction of Dream Mall is the Ferris wheel.
This is one of the main reason that I wanna go.
So while waiting for the night, we went shopping.
The place is actually quite big.
We have tea break at one of the cafe call Bog Tea Shop at level 3.

This toast has not even come to Singapore when I first ate it in Kaohsiung.
Now we had Dazzling cafe that sells it.

So when the night falls, we went to the roof top amusement park.
Actually, there's nothing much as amusement park.
I wasn't attracted to the ride because it was mostly for kids.
Thus, we just enjoy watching the Ferris Wheel's changing the neon lights.
We didn't took the ride this time because we took it at Miramar Entertainment Park in Taipei before.

I loves the because lighting.
I think I can sit there and watch its color changing forever. Haha~
After which, we went to night market and spent our last night in Kaohsiung before heading to Taipei.

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