Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Wonderland at Garden By The Bay

On 20th December, G and I decided to go to Christmas Wonderland at Garden By The Bay.
Initially, we decided to go on Christmas Day itself.
However, we knew that it would be very crowded, so we brought forward the day to go.

We reached around 7pm when the sun is setting.

Loving the blue sky above us.

We changed 11 tokens.
Each tokens cost $2 which was very expensive!
We changed so much token because I wanted to ride the Swinging Chair and wanted to force G to take the thrilling ride with me.
However, when I was that it was for kid, I was like OMG~
Luckily, we were able to sell of 9 tokens it to another family at usual price.
The 2 tokens we played darts at one of the store and I won a small prize. Haha~

Carousel ride cost $10 per pax!!

We caught the fake "snow" at about 8pm.
Its actually made up of bubbles but I still feel delighted to see it.

Both of us walked around aimlessly before heading back home.
I thought the place is beautiful.
However, things are really overpriced and there are more for the kids to enjoy.

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