Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bad Week Bad Month

Health haven been good and I was sick since last week.
Started with a bit of cough then sore throat to having a high fever then down with flu.
I guess I haven been really sick for the past few years so now all the combo comes to me when CNY is coming..
I didn't feel so awful before, normally after taking medicine, I will be fine after a few days.
Not this time even though I rested very early for a few nights.
I just want to lie down on my bed and cuddle my bolster.
Seen doctor for the second time today, hoping I will be better the next few days.

So I read the Fengshui and they said that the Year of Rabbit will have luck but have to take care of health.
Well, not even the horse year, I am already so sickly.

Today is the eve of Chinese New Year.
We are sending of the snake year and welcoming the horse.
I hope the horse year will be good for everyone and as well for myself. :)

Happy Chinese New Year.
Have a good holiday! Huat ah~

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