Wednesday, January 08, 2014

New Blogger Layout

Hello~ My blog layout has changed a bit.
I'm not using the old html design layout by myself anymore instead, I am using the blogger template and made changes here and there.
Gone are the days when I used templates and I wonder who still using those and doing those right now? Lol~
I remembered last time I always designs those layout and posting it up and hoping to win the Skins of the Day to gain 'popularity'. Hahaha.. wtf.

Anyway, I always thought that it is difficult to use the blogger layout because the coding are like wtf.i.don't.understand.what.those.are but after reading up and exploring a bit, its actually very easy.
I don't even need to code myself and just click on those buttons will do.
I guess I was just being lazy to explore last time and want to stick to the old stuff~
Anyway, thanks to my IT brainy, I am able to do these all myself and have this new layout now. ;p
Well, I am a diploma graduate in IT multimedia so all these stuff I learnt don goes down to waste yah..

I always wanted to have the drop-down list  for my blog achives because I blogged since 2005 and the lists are really long from then.
Luckily for this widgets, I can now have drop-down list and also the popular posts.

Now my blog look more neater than before.
Will be adding more stuffs if I find it useful or interesting.

Any comments, be it good or bad about this changes so let me know.
Thank you~ ;)

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