Thursday, January 09, 2014

Short Gateaway to Kuala Lumpur

This is a backlog travelogue on Kuala Lumpur (KL). :p
Back in September, Boyfriend and I went to KL for a short getaway and also to attend my ex-colleague wedding.
It was like an weekend trip.
We went on the Saturday and came back on Monday (21~23 Sept 2013).
It wasn't my first trip to KL though as I went there on a holiday before back in 2009 which was like 4yrs ago.

On day one, after we touched down and check in to Prince Hotel & Residence KL, we went to explore Pavillion Mall.
The hotel and the mall is just less than 5min walk away only.

Had our first meal in KL Santouka.

Then we explore the Tokyo Street in Pavillion.

Some decoration. I guess it was around the Mid Autumn Festival then.

BIG origami crane

And boyfriend with his favorite cartoon character Doraemon. LOL!

After exploring Pavillion, we went to Bukit Bintang area where we saw H&M there.
I tell you, the stuff there are so much cheaper than in Singapore because of the currency rate.
It was SGD1=MYR2.57 so it was a privilege for us!.
I bought a few clothes back which was worthy. ^^

Had our dinner at LOT 10 foodcourt.
Guess how much I bought this duck rice for??

RM12.00 for Malaysian chicken seems expensive lea??
But for us its around S$5, not worth it for that portion.

Back to hotel at night to rest and we caught fireworks outside our room.
Not sure what event was that but they put it a few times.

On the day 2 which is the wedding day of my colleague.
Because I only attending the dinner, we had free time in the morning and noon.
Boyfriend and I decide to travel out of our area and head to Mid Valley MegaMall.

We walked to KLCC because we want to take the train from there.
Along the way, we asked many people for the direction. LOL!

I swear the KL transit is complicated for a small state. -__-
I hope Singapore MRT line don't be so complicate in future for a small country.

Leaving KLCC to KL Sentral to change line to Mid Valley.

Here's the KL Sentra. Complicated area where you need to find the correct color line to go to your destination.

Mid Valley MegaMall is indeed a mega mall.
However, there's nothing much that interests us.
So when those shops don't interest us, we head to the supermarket area. HAHA!

Colorful Macaroon which regretted didnt try...

Snacking and resting our legs.

Bought this Bevanda ice Lemon Tea and its really nice.
Almost tastes the same as the one I bought in Penang.
Still wondering what the brand that I bought in Penang. D;

Heading back to our hotel to get ready for dinner..

On our way back to the hotel, we caught a rainbow in the fountain near KLCC.
This Is NOT Photoshopped.

Selfie after dressing up. :p

BF and I ready~

Then we went to meet my ex bosses and colleague and we took a cab together to the restaurant called Dynasty Dragon Seafood Restaurant at SS Two Mall.
The place was quite deserted that even the cab driver also don't even know the place and we kept going round and round. Zzz
Still, we reached the place safely~

With the pretty bride, June.

KTPL people from all over the world, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan..

Actually, Malaysia Chinese wedding is same as the Singapore Chinese custom wedding.
No difference.

So after the wedding dinner, we went back to our hotel and rest for the day.
Day three afternoon, we left KL and head back to Singapore.
Nice getaway. :)

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