Monday, December 16, 2013

Taipei; Taiwan 2013 - Random Taipei Baby~

So this gonna be the last part for my 2013 Taiwan trip.
Actually, I didnt take much photos when I was in Taipei because I've been there so many times.
This 3D2N Taipei trip was a kind of rush so its gonna be a shopping trip.

As previously mentioned in the last Cingjing post, we took e-go bus back to Taichung, from there we took the HSR to Taipei.
So about 2~3hrs later, we reached Taipei.

In the HSR, we bought the bento from 7-11 as our lunch.
Actually you can buy the bento inside the HSR but we missed out the lunch time.
So that's okay, we hope to try it next time.

Checked into See You hotel located at Taipei Main Station.
Its our first time staying at this hotel so we had quite a hard time finding it.
The room is very cosy, we had a nice stay there.
Just that the breakfast they provided is a KFC voucher, which is very weird. Haha~

Lying on the bed, and we can see this pretty galaxy on the ceiling. :)

After which, we headed out.
First, went to check out the post office near our hotel because we wanted to send food stuff back to Singapore. Haha~

Then we went to Taipei 101 and I bought this Prada wallet.
Have been longing to get this and I got it at TWD19,500, not yet tax refund.

After which, we went to Ximending to roam.
Dinner at Ba Hai 八海 steamboat which located at Ximending.

Next day, we went to find Carrefour which is near Ximending.
Bought a lot of instant noodles, cup noodles and packet of drinks and shipped back to Singapore.
Everything was cheap, cost us about S$50+.
We were very happy with our buys.

There's carton of boxes inside the Carrefour.
So after you pay for the food, you can pack it and carry back to your hotel.

We packed it like this and the next day we went over the post office to send these back to Singapore.
There's shipment by air and by sea.
By air takes shorter time but expensive while by sea takes longer time but cheaper.
We shipped by air because we wanted to receive it in a shorter time.

Bought back Pony's 3rd book! Happy buy~

Finally got a rain boots because of Singapore weather.
I hate wet shoes.

And this is our last food in Taiwan before heading back to Singapore.

Pardon me for the boring Taipei post this time.
Finally ending this Taipei 2013 travelogue.
As much as I want to go back Taiwan, I still hope to explore the other parts of the world. :)
See you Taiwan!

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