Wednesday, June 04, 2008

2 Birthday girls celebration + Short Gathering


After work, i met up with JingWen, LiRu, EngSang and Sherilyn.
Headed down to IMM.
Chatted and also ate dinner at The Cafe Cartel.
JingWen came out with an idea of going to Khatib for cake cutting session.
Tried to invite those who stayed at Khatib
In the end, only Sze Xing, PeiShan and Peter could make it.
Joey came later but we only passed him the slice of cake and left.

The Chocolate cake

Birthday girls - Jingwen and Liru

7 girls + 1 guys
(L-R)Peishan, Peter, Liru, Jingwen, Sherilyn, SzeXing, EngSang and Me

Fav girl and Me.. :)

Sherilyn, Me and EngSang..

I hope they enjoyed the celebration and short meeting. :)

P.S: Liru's birthday is on 4June while JingWen is on 8June.

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