Monday, June 02, 2008


Back to office today with a new hairstyle.
And some colleagues saw me, they will ask if i cut my hair?
I tot its obvious??? -.-"
I think its a cut hair day.
Cz there's some other people who has cut their hair too.
Then Shari was saying like, "now cutting is cheap? Why so many people cut their hair."

Anyway, should i tender my resignation for the 2nd time?
My family and dear's family said i am being conned.
I should ask for higher pay.. due to my transport fee is high like $120+ per month..
But at that time, i seriously forget about giving him that reason. Haiyax...
Headache sial.. =/

Jonathan will be back tomorrow..
No freedom already. sianx..
And yes, Bali trip next week!!! hoho~

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