Sunday, May 08, 2011

Birthday Surprise for SheauWei!

My surprised plan for SheauWei almost screwed up!
Thanks to no cab!
Why is it always when we no need a cab, there will be so many cabs around and when we need it urgently, there will always be no cab around. WHY?! Sigh..

Anyway, I went to The Central wanting to find cake but no luck.
So i took a bus down to Bugis Junction to get it.
After buying, i went to the taxi stand, wanting to get a cab but the queue was really long.
Tried very hard to call and SMS a cab but no luck still.
Luckily i join in the queue!
So by around 9.30pm then i reached Robertson Quay.

I called Andrew to show me the direction to Laurent Cafe & Chocolate Bar before i carry on with my plan to surprise her! =D
I walked up to her and sang "Happy Birthday" beside her ears and she really got surprised! Hehe..
Which means my plan worked yah..!

My unglam look because i was too rush!

The sweet and lovely couple~

From me to her. :D

Last pic before we left for home.

Just a short time i can make someone happy.
I am happy! :D

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