Sunday, May 18, 2014

South Korea - Everland Resort

Hello! *wave* Back with Korean post~
And there will be a lot of pretty photos! Super love~
I'm missing Korea already.. When will I go back?

On the third day in Seoul (23 Oct 2013), the weather seems colder than the previous.
We decided to grab breakfast at Jongno-3(sam)-ga, Waffle Master.

Oops forgot to take a "food" picture.
Well I'll skipped this part then.. Lol~

By the way, we decided to head to Everland Resort on this day.
Everland Resort is a theme park in Yongin, a city in Gyeonggi-do province, South Korea.
It is South Korea's largest theme park!

Extract from Everland website.

So how to go Everland?
Well, we took the subway to Gangnam Station and took the exit 10.
When you come out, walk straight until you saw the Giodano on your left and to your right, you will see a bus stop.
Take bus 5002 and the journey will take about 45min.
It will bring you to the end of the stops which is about 6 stations later.
When we reached the stop, we still have to take a shutter bus into the Everland Resort.

Finally reached the beautiful and huge theme park! :D
We were really excited for this trip!
The sun was scorching and bright that I can't really open my eyes properly but the weather is cooling.

We bought the entrance tickets at 35,000 KRW.
The actual entrance fee is 46,000 KRW but we got a discount coupon from website.
Here's are some websites that you can take note:

Weather is a little warm so I took off my coat.
Sheauwei was so nice to borrow me her coat, :)

Haha.. going around camwhoring~

Then we stopped by a pushcart that sells hats, caps.
Since the sun is shining so brightly, we decided to buy a cap each.

The time we went was around the Halloween period.
So most of the decoration relates to Halloween.
LOL.. I just remembered in 2008 when I went to Hong Kong Disneyland, it was Halloween period too~

Stopped by this flowery places and started to snap photos again~

Then we got into a shop and fooled around. Not really~
Just having fun anyway.. =p

Took a cable car ride to the other side of the park~

Was excited to saw this roller coaster~ but didn't get to play it. D;

Random group shots.

Went shopping in another stores.
Too many cute plushies and randomly camwhored with it. Ok don't comment anything.
I just love cute fluffy stuff animals..

Continued walking and saw the roller coaster ride again..
Really such a waste that I didn't get to try the ride.
But still I am not sure its I got the guts or not, since my 2 other girls don't play such ride, so I'll be going up alone if I were to try it. *sweat*

First time we took is the Merry-go-round. Childhood.


Continue strolling and saw so many pretty views.
The autumn foliage in Everland is so beautiful~

This is the best pic of the day!
Rainbow at the fountain with ferries wheel behind it~ Super love this picture!

Under the red leaves tree~

The second ride we took together.
Its like the music dance ride in the Euro funfair when we have pasar malam long time ago. If you get what I mean..

After that we bought this fruity ice ball to eat. Yummy and cooling~

Pirate ship is the third ride and also the last ride we took that day..

Had our lunch and rest our tired legs..

Continued walking again and you can see from the sky its around evening time..

Then we went into shops again to buy some souvenirs back.
Cute decoration~

Oppa Gangnam style~

G-Dragon stuff also selling in Everland.

They have Etude house there too.
And I bought this Collagen water to try.
Love the cute pink bottle which then I brought back to Singapore but threw it away because the bottle cap spoilt.

Then its night time..
During the night they have different lightings which light up Everland.

We wanted to wait until the fireworks.
However, the firework show starts at 8.30pm or 9pm every night which I cannot remember.
We actually left like around 30min~1hr before the show because we were freezing cold.
Cannot tahan the coldness so we had to left the place.
Well, I hope that one day I can go back to do what I missed out. :)

On our way back to the guesthouse, we bought a bottle of soju to drink.
Actually, mostly I am the one who drink it which can help a little to warm up my body and have a good night sleep.

So now, I end this post and will be back with few more updates.
So ciao~

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