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South Korea - Dressing Up at Cafe Drama

Hi I'm back with new posts of my Korea Trip. ^~^
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Starting with LOTD and OOTD for the second day in Seoul.
It was still cold and I guess I wore like 3 tops beneath.
Wearing my boots was getting uncomfortable, so I borrowed Janice's sneakers to wear.

Had breakfast at one of the cafe, called Secret Garden, near our guesthouse again this time.

The polkadot plate is soooo cute!
Its is a pretty nice place to be in and also the food is yummy too.

So one of the plan to go to Korea was to try dressing in Hanbok.
Hanbok is korean traditional dress, just like Qipao/ Cheongsam is the traditional dress for the Chinese.
We researched online and we found out a theme cafe called the Cafe Drama, therefore on the second day in Seoul, we decided to check that out!

Cafe Drama is located around the Ewha Woman's University Shopping District.
We actually got the map and address but still got lost.
Korea is a big maze~!! 
Well, problem with girls who cannot really read maps.
We then got help by a nice lady who walked us to the actual place.!
Very thankful for nice people we meet in Korea~

So before going to the theme dressing at Cafe Drama, we went around to look for a salon to help us makeup.

The 2 girls starting their makeup first while I am waiting for my turn.

And this is how I look after the make up!
How do I look?
Got look like Koren girl?
I really like how my eyes look!

Me with my another 2 friends after make up!

And so we went back to Cafe Drama to select the Hanbok that we want to wear..

Drinks that is compulsory to order.

So I choose the princess look.

Side view

Back view.
The fake accessories for me is not so heavy unlike my other 2 girls which you can see below.

Hehe.. feel so nice got people help out~

Sheauwei's look is gisaeng.
Gisaeng are Korean female entertainers or sometimes prostitutes.

And Janice is the Head of Gisaeng. Haha~

The 2 gisaeng.

So we got the professional photographer to help us to take the photos.
I feel that if you want to come to Cafe Drama, you can skip the professional photography because I don't feel that the service is good and also the photographer do not help to edit for you.
So you can better save that money for something else. :)
They only save the raw photos into a disk.

After the professional Photography, we have our own time to take photos ourselves with our camera too!
It was so fun~
So this is the reason why you no need the professional photographer to do the job for you.
The helpful ladies there can help you to take photos too!

We had so much fun!
And the photos came out really pretty, don't you think so? :D

Drinks (compulsory) 4,000 ~ 6,000 KRW
Dress & Tuxedo 10,000 ~ 30,000 KRW
Drama costumes 30,000 ~ 70,000 KRW
Available facilities: Professional photographer hire at 30,000 KRW
You can visit their website at

Below is their namecard for your information. :)

After the fun, we went out to look for food for our lunch.
We had army stew (Budae Jjigae), one of the food to eat when you go Korea.

After the food, we went Dong Dae Mun for shopping again!

Tried this Korea street food, Tornado Potato wrapped Hot Dog for 3000won! :D
Sadly, it wasn't really nice because the ajumma didn't re-fried it for it and it turns out cold. :(

Okay, abruptly end this post and I will be back with more posts!
See ya..

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