Saturday, March 22, 2008

Veron's 21st Birthday Early Celebration

Celebrating my dearest Sista, the da jie da, 21st birthday today.
Her actually bday is on 28 March, Friday.

Yan's mum came to fetch me over to Mui's house because it was raining very heavily.
When we reached, we went to find ShuZhen.
Not long after, Stella came too.
Chatted for awhile, den ard 5.30pm Hanisha came and all of us went to find her.
Accompany her to Northpoint to get Mui's present den back to her house.

Back to her house, we ate.
She ordered buffet and there's bbq too.

Cake cutting session @ around 7pm.

Mango Cake which i dont eat. -.-"

That's the birthday girl. [:

After that, we went back to her room to use computer, chit chats and some photo-taking.
Ard 9pm+, Hanisha, Stella and ShuZhen went home first.
Left Yan and me to accompany her for awhile.
Ard 10.15pm, we left her place and went home.

Mui glad that u love our present to you.
Hope you enjoy your day! :D

Yeah, the 3 of us. Yan forever not cooperative.

Me with Birthday girl~

See, again.. =/


Sweet ShuZhen.. =)

lalala, stella~ :D

So candid huh.
Yes, arguing with Yan to take a pics with me lor..

So yupx, that's all about it.
Next activity with more pics will me on WED, graduation day!!
Try to tk pic with every1 i know.
Kinda miss RP days..

P.S: I haven post us all the pictures because blogger and the internet is giving me probs!!! >:\

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