Friday, March 28, 2008

Fuck up life coz of her around...

Grandma just came in and talk to me ahwile just now.
She said mum everyday sits in front of computer and game only.
Never packed the house.
Also sis can go out from nite to morning, she never scold while i go out overnite she make noise.
Its just that grandma didnt want to voice out only.
Even grandma got eyes to see loh.

Mum always make that sarcastic remark saying i yesterday never come back home and sleep.
For example today, while i was vacuuming the floor.
Grandma thought that i am going out cos i was dressed in outing wear.
Then, mum said to grandma that i didnt came home today.
Grandma replied to her that its okay because i am grown up already.
I guess mum's unhappy.

Now, i am doubting that my dad saying grandparent is not happy with me for staying overnite now.
I think its just that they are unhappy with me themselves or its mum!

After that conversation, i told mum that i Sunday got vacuum loh.
I do it automatically that day without anyone asking me to do it loh.
She's like so damn pissed and shouted to me "NEXT TIME DONT NEED VACUUM LAH!"
You know what is "What the hell anot?"
She din even appreciate what i do for her and she still can raise her voice at me.
Din even ask sis to vacuum lea.
And due to bro in NS, i am the one helping her and not even a Thank You from her.
Still get scolded from her! @#$%^&*()
Crazy woman~

I thought she's the housewife in the house?
Everyday computer only.
Washing plates also not she do.
Everybody in the house will wash their own plates after eating.
She also, dont cook everyday.
She also dont wash clothes everyday too.
She also dont mop the floor everyday also.

One more thing i hate is that she keep sayin us wasting electricity.
She, herself even doing it so she where gt the rights to say us.
Money also not she pay is DAD pay loh.
Sickening lea, gt this kind of mother in my life.

Cos i am the eldest~
So i must be guai, i must do every shit, i must tk every shit from you izzit?
Bloody hell..
I not human izzit?

That time, she even ask me to give her $400 - $500 when i found a job.
I really think she crazy loh.
I rather give dad than give to her lah.
Last time, everyday pocket money also not she give one.
So, where she got the rights to ask from me?
I even more afraid she go and buy 4D lah..
Every week can waste a few hundreds to buy 4D loh.
Really crazy lah..

That day, i heard my dad talking to his friend saying now bills getting higher due to grandparents staying over.
He's the only breadwinner.
I think mum should go out and work to help dad loh.
Really cant stand her everyday playing computer games can.

Whatever lah..
Its like no one say talk back.
Unless i talk to dad or grandma tell dad the incident.
I am only her child, i got no rights to raise voice.
Unfillial, strike by lightning. whatever.
I can only say behind her back.
But you know, i know can already.

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