Friday, March 07, 2008

Jack's reply

Jack's long compo reply to my previous post on my bday in facebook.
Some funny and exaggerating sharing of thoughts.
Thanks man.

"In reply to my dear friend Jing Ru, well, life is not as bad as it seems. Celebrating b'days doesn't mean you need to be rich or you need alot of money. Well of course money is one of the issue you cannot ignore, but its not something that you really need.

Think about the different ways that you can spend your 21st birthday with. It doesn't matter whether it's posh or glam. It's the memorable experience you spend on that day, be it with your parents, your love one (s), or yourself! Doesn't mean you can't celebrate alone mah! Celebrating your 21's birthday is the most memorable one because, you will never forget how emo it was on that day! LOL!

Here's some advance basic you can celebrate your 21st Birthday :

1. Organise a Chalet/BBQ! Invite all friends, doesn't matter whether they can mix around or what, as long as they know you, its a connection to the rest of your other friends! Who knows they might get along well!

2. Try something new, like having a party at Macdonalds! Order 200 burgers for us to eat! You can "BAO" the whole restaurant lah. Imagine. SO GRAND!~

3. Go drinking/clubbing! Your friends sure treat you drinking de, no doubt! (some say cover charges also!)

Here's some intermediate ideas you can celebrate your 21st Birthday :

1. Go on a trip to Sentosa with your dear dear, position your dear dear at one end of the beach, then you at the other end of the beach. Request Sentosa to play birthday song on their PA, then when the song starts, run towards each other in slow mo. You can hold a strip of cloth if you want, catches more attention!

2. Go on a cruise, when strike midnight, hopefully you and your dear dear at the tip on the cruise then as the moonlight shine on your faces, make sure he or she says, Happy 21st Birthday Dear/Darling. Then out of now where the sky is filled with fireworks. Lighting up HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

3. Romantic day setting - Wakes up in the morning just to your love one face, then you smell the aroma of your favorite food, realising what he has done for you so early in the morning. What's even special he has prepare your tooth brush and tooth paste for you, and willing to brush off remains of your lastest dinner. After eating breakfast, he leads you down and says he has more surprises. And to your surprise! He has rented a bi.... BICYCLE! How romantic, he even boasts it comes with a basket, where he placed a radio and plays the famous Chen Han Wei song.

4. After doing number 3, Repeat number 1 then 2.

Here's some advance ideas you can celebrate your 21st Birthday :

Trust me, its going to be memorable.

1. Thank god that you are alive!

2. Sleep through it and wake up just for the last minutes of your birthday.

3. Forgot about your birthday, as in literally.

Well, hope it helps, for all those who needs ideas.
Updated soon! :D

PS : No need to thank me much. Too much time!"

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