Monday, January 14, 2008

FYP submitted!

Finally this FYP shit is over~
OMGX, the burden is over.
Presentation will the next on the 23rd Jan.

Really thankful to Lixian and Huisan for the very hard work of editing the video.
Excellent job. :)
Everytime i look at the video, there are improvements.

Anyway Lixian, Huisan, Taufiq and Idly came over my house to finish up the final work.
The 2 guys go off at 6am while the girls stayed over.
We burned the DVD at 7.40am in the morning using sis com.
And at 8.30am, we rested.
Wanted to wake up at 9.30am.
Luckily, dear gave me a missed call and i woke up.
Woke the 2 of them up, den we went to wash up and cabbed down to school to print our DVD cover.

The Cover designed by me.
They say look like Japanese war sth like tat. -.-

By Idly

Back cover

Burn 5 disc.
Look like pirated DVD huh?

Final product. Yay!

Let's all Jiayou for the FYP presentation!

*More updates to come. :)

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