Monday, January 21, 2008

Countdown 8more days before end of Year3

Left 2more weeks before i can leave this freaking school!! (i hope)
Arghh, i've to go to sale management class tml.
Dread it.
I've skipped 7times for tat class.
Totally break the record that I pon among the classes. haix
No choice, i need and want to graduate!!
Got to push myself to go.

Huisan complaint to us on her sale management class people today.
At least go to the class to get a C or D bahx..
I just dont understand why DBC and DBA people got some kind of attitude problem towards the DIT people.
Seriously, they deserved a slap on their face.

Anyway, 2 more days before FYP presentation.
Lixian say i got attitude problem toward presentation.
Lixian say "Jing, you better present hor, if not i will step on your foot."
I will, i will present okay~
I wanna pass for this FYP. :D

Yesterday, dad brought sis and me to AMK hub to buy new HP.
Cz our N70 2 years contract had ended.
Therefore, we can get a new hp!
Sis got a Sony Ericsson K810i and i got Nokia 6500 slide.
While bro didnt change because he had to go into army this March.
2 years back, we all got N70.
2 years later, all of us got different phone. o.O

Aiyox, sis is the only one getting Sony Ericsson.
The whole family support Nokia except her. haha..
Nahx, i also agree that Sony Ericsson is good for Music and Camera(cybershot).
However, i couldnt use the function button as it different from Nokia.
So, no choice.

Thanks dad for helping me buy first~
Love ya~
I am so in debt! -.-"

I got Nokia 6500 full black which is shown above.
Its slimmer than N70.
Its smaller than N70.
Better camera as well.

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