Thursday, January 24, 2008


Oh yeah~
FYP presentation had ended yesterday.
The presentation was okay.
Erm, did shoot back Ben Lee.
But okay lah, at least we state our point of view. LOL!
Man, i hope i can get at least a B.
Anyway, its time to graduate. (i hope...)

Pics, pics and loads of pics~!!!
Haven get 1 batch of photos from Idly~
But nvm, i shall post what i have. :)

Team B!!

Lixian & Me

Hui San & Me

Mr. T & Me. haha..

Formal presentation.

My team with Jack's Team

After which, we went to find Idly they all to take photos.
I left after that.
Cabbed back home to change and then meet Mui.
Shopping at Bugis!

Our favourite of all we took. :)

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