Saturday, January 26, 2008

Dinner @ Ivins Restaurant

The day before, Shaun msn me said that he's going to treat us dinner at Ivins Restaurant.
I sms Cheri and she replied me yesterday.
After discussion, we set the time and location to meet.

After UT, i met up with Cheri.
Went to do RJ first.
Cz we have to meet up at 6.30pm, we decided to go to the library to play board game.
Ask Shaun along.
Played Life!
Didnt know the rule, so we set our own rule as the manual was no where to be found.

Played until 7pm, we went to the bus stop and meet up with Kang Jia.
Took bus 169 down to Upper Thomsan Rd.
It was a long ride trip.
Very sleepy, but kept chatting with Cheri make me awake.
Reached at ard 8pm.

It's a Paranakan Restaurant.
The food there was nice..
Even though, some food was spicy.
I like the fried rice especially.
The curry fish head is nice too.
And one of the dish called Honey Pork, taste like bak gua.
Anyway, i enjoyed the food.
I shall bring dear there to try the food too. XD

After the food, is photograph tking session.

Cheri and Me

Cheri, Shaun and Me

The whole group w/o me.

Anyway, i haven get all the pics.
I just post wat i have.
Anyway, thanks Shaun for the treat. :)

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