Saturday, November 28, 2015

Time No Enough

2 more days to December.
4 more weeks to school starts.
33 days more to a new year.

During the past 2 weeks break, I guess I haven been very fruitful.
However, at least I am able to have a good rest.
I have been coloring, watching dramas and plays the keyboard (心血来潮的).
Still not playing very well but at least I gets the melody out, which I am quite good at it. :p

Other than these, I hope to get my Taiwan trip post out by this year but I kept procrastinating.
I know I have been neglecting this blog. D;

Anyway, December's gonna be a really really busy month for me with so many meet up and occasions.
I gonna have good time management to juggle with my life and this space.

Nothing much to update anyway.
Everyday, we are have things that constantly occurring.
Be it ups and downs, surprises, etc, one needs to be strong and life still goes on.

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Gunston Gun said...

final year?