Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Officially ended Term 3!

The time is moving so fast that I am at the end of term 3 already!
This term is really hectic.
Due to the unfamiliarity of International Business Finance and Trade module, I struggled my assignment.
Even though with much guidelines and help from the lecturer, I still feel that I cannot write very well. :(
Sent drafts for his checking but keep getting rejected.
Hopefully, I'm able to clear this module.
I don't want to write another 3000 words! :S
And I guess every term its like 不到紧要关头是挤不出字的。Haha..

This term I really enjoyed the marketing class because the lecturer made the class really enjoyable!
He's a young lecturer and his teaching method so far, is very different from the other lecturers.
He doesn't go by the presentation slides and explains each segment very well using mind maps to help us understand better.
On 8 Nov, we had M&C exam and I guess I am able to pass for this exam. *cross fingers*
But I know from the Simbrand game, we got 13 marks.
So I secured 13/100 marks for the module already.

Actually this term seems rather emotional because I wouldn't know if I will still see the whole bunch of classmates again.
Even though, I stick to my team the whole time but some other classmates still make the classes fun.
I really hope that we all can get through and graduate altogether.
I will be really looking forward to next year August when we are graduate together!
50% done and 50% more to go!
Counting down to 3 more terms (if i am able to proceed to term 4) and 9 more months.

So, this December I will be getting my finalized result to see if I'm able to proceed to Term 4.
Crossing my fingers that hopefully I am able to progress.
Wish me luck!

Ending this post with a class photo from M&C.
The only class photo of BABM combined with IHTM and FM.

And a group photo after our M&C exam, at our usual chill out place.

P.S: A lecturer said that it will get worst as the term progress. D:
P.P.S: Thinking about dissertation makes me feel sick already..

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