Friday, November 13, 2015

Queensland - Gold Coast 2014 - Whales in Paradise

I've come to the last post of my Gold Coast Travelogue.
My last day in Gold Coast, we planned to go to the Whales in Paradise for a Morning whale watch.
Got up really early as the whale watch starts at 7:30AM.
Took a boat to pacific ocean, it was amazing!

When we are out to the ocean, we were lucky that we spotted the humpback whale.
In fact, we saw 2 of them, these fellas are huge!
Unfortunately, we only get to see its big tail and its back.
They didn't do a back flip out of the ocean. D;
Nonetheless, it was still spectacular.

On our way back to land, we were also very lucky to catch many many dolphins~

On our last day, we just try to splurge as much as possible, mainly on food and souvenirs.

Had western food somewhere at surfers paradise.

Also, for dinner QW brought me to try desserts at the Max Brenner.

From our apartment, we took tram back to Broadbeach south station.
After which, we took the bus 777 to the Gold Coast airport.

Alrighty, I finally come to an end for my Australia Gold Coast travelogue.
Phew~ I guess I am taking longer time to update.
Bear with me as I am really really really busy with work and school stuffs.
So ciao~

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