Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Secret Garden Coloring Book

Recently, I have been into this coloring thing and that's why I have not been around here.

Few weeks ago, SY and I got influenced by GM to buy this coloring books.
It was said that coloring and help to relieve stress but after doing it for past few days, I am not sure if there's any stress relief.
I just know that I quite enjoy doing this.
I would be like coloring while singing along with the songs that I played or coloring while watching my Taiwanese drama.
Super multi-tasking hor..

Anyway, I just finished coloring the 3rd design and going onto the 4th.
Me being an art student during my secondary school days, really hate art because I am someone who cannot draw well.
Luckily, my coloring/ shading skills still not that bad. Hahaha~

Below are my art pieces. :)
Images are clickable to enlarge.

I really love this page because of the rainbow wordings.

Took days to finish this page! Very tedious..
I was thinking to color the background black but... I'll leave it like this first..

Will be back for more~

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