Sunday, September 13, 2015

Queensland - Gold Coast 2014 - Springbrook Mountain

On the fifth day of Gold Coast, we went trekking and sightseeing at Springbrook Mountain and Mountain Tamborine.
In this post, I will be blogging on Springbrook Mountain.
Early in the morning, QW's friend Mong drove us to the destination.
I cannot remember how long is the journey, but I know it took a few hours to reach there.

There will be many photos showing you the beauty of Springbrook National Park

Walking in to view 'Best Of All Lookout'..

Best of All Lookout.

Not sure what creature is this but 3 of us were quite scare of it.
And it doesn't seem to scare of human because it rushed to us. -_-"

Next, we went to Canyon Lookout.

This is the Purling Brook Falls.
Mild waterfall I would say..

Saw this board of words but not very sure what is this..

Giant tree.

And we are nearer to Purling Brook Falls.

I really wonder how these glow-worm look like in real.
Didnt get the chance to see anyway..

Next to Natural Bridge.

It look very beautiful in real life!
But the waterfall is mild because not much rain during the season.

Next, we went to Three Little Pig Bar & Bistro for lunch.

Tasmanian Salmon Pasta for lunch.

I'll be back with the Mount Tamborine post soon.
More beautiful pictures there. :)

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