Sunday, July 05, 2020

Pregnancy Journey - NIPT Test

There are many type of NIPT test like OSCAR, Harmony, Paranormal. etc.
Initially, my Gynae told me that they only have OSCAR and Harmony test.
However, after researching and my sis told me that Paranormal test is better than the both above, I call back to discuss with my Gynae.
After discussion, my Gynae was able to provide Paranormal test at a better price than Harmony.
So we decided to go ahead with them for Paranormal test which cost $1200 (not inclusive of GST).

I drew my blood for NIPT Test on 5 June (in my week 11).
Gynae told us that the result will be out in about 2 weeks time.
However on 12 June, I received a call telling me that the test cannot be done because of blood clot.
So I had to went down again on 16 June to redraw my blood. :(
I had to wait for another 2 more week to know my result.

4 July, which is in my Week 15, we went down for my appointment and I finally gotten my Paranormal result.
Happy that the blood test is all good, the baby is healthy and we also know the gender!
Finally, I can annouced to some of my close friend about the news. :)

Saturday, July 04, 2020

Pregnancy Journey - First Trimester

Today, I am announcing that I am pregnant!
By right, I wanted to announce on our 3rd wedding anniversary but I wanted my baby to be healthy before I announce.

Below is the summary of my progression in the first trimester.

So I found out that I could be pregnant on 6 Apr when I tested with the china brand HCG strip.
On 7 Apr, I went to buy test kit to test on the next day morning.
After testing the result was positive and I told my mum and dad. They were happy about it.
My sis knew it all along as I told her the result day by day.
At night, I show the kit to G and his reaction was like don't believe that its real. LOL!
He don't even know how to read the kit.
He announced to his parents on 12 Apr.

Actually, I don't feel pregnant as I have totally no symptoms other than frequent urination and a little abdominal cramp and backache.
Some days, I still use cheap strips to test to see if I am still pregnant or not. Haha..
Appetite was okay and I felt easily hungry most days.
Like 6pm I am already hungry and looking forward to dinner.

Had my first scan appointment with a Gynae on 30 Apr (6week sonogram above).
We were very happy that baby is healthy with heart beating at 120 BPM.
From the sonogram, it calculated the EDD at 23 Dec 2020 which was different from what I calculated.
I calculated the EDD at 20 Dec 2020.

However, the next day, I had spotting occurred.
Probably I was not careful when I do housework. :(
Because it was a PH, and the clinic was not open, we went back to the Gynae on the following day.
2 May, went to scan to check if baby was ok.
Luckily, he/she was fine but I was given more medication. D;

On 16 May, I had my 2nd appointment. (8th week sonogram above).
Baby look like a bean to me now at 2.11cm. Hehe~
During the scan, baby didn't move much.
The gynae said probably he/she was sleeping.
At one time, he/she did moved a bit and I was able to spot it.
Baby is healthy. :)

During these few week, my appetite was not good during dinner time, wasn't able to eat much.
Imagine I cannot even a bowl of rice. I only had less than half portion of it but I try to take more vegetables if I can.
In replacement of rice, I made plain porridge instead.
Luckily, I still can eat breakfast and lunch, just having problem with dinner.
I think I prefer to eat more salty and little spicy food more than sweet stuff.
Pity G had to eat more food because I cannot finish the food that MIL cooks.
Anyway, just feel like my body is not my body anymore. :(
Also, I seems to have pregnancy rhinitis.

Week 9 for me, is that I am getting more sleepy during the daytime.
Sometimes I was awake a little in the middle of the night as well.
Nauseous at anytime of time day but no vomiting so I think still alright.
Still having issue with eating dinner, hopefully 2nd trimester will be better.
Doesn't have steep weight gain, I am still weighing between 64.8kg-65.2kg, but I feel that 我有长肉!:(

Week 10 - 25 May ~ 31 May.
My appetite seems a little better during the mid week?
But seems like the digestion issue is still bad sometimes.
Feeling the food are all clog at my throat and not going down. :(
Having a little difficulty falling asleep at night even though I am already very tired. -_-
Still waking up at around 4-5am, sometimes to pee, lucky still able to sleep back normally.

Week 11 - 1 June ~ 7 June.
I am feeling almost the same as week 10.
Different from Week 10 is that I am feeling more exhausted.
Have been taking short nap after lunch.
And I can sleep throughout the night as well.

On 5 June, I had my 3rd appointment to do NIPT test.
Took about 3 tubes of blood which made me headache the whole day the next day.
Had ultrasound scan. Baby is healthy with heart beating at around 155 BPM.
Baby has grow bigger and look more human now. Haha..
From the sonogram, he/she seems to be lying on one side.
We can see his/her litte hands and legs, rib and spinal.
We also see him/her jump a bit too. Hehe..
Hoping the result will be good in 2-3 weeks time.
By that time, we will also know the gender. So excited! :)

Week 12 - 8 June ~ 14 June.
Still the same.
My appetite for dinner is getting bad again.
On 10 June, I vomited for the first time after eating dinner. Sigh~
Seems like baby don't like to eat Phuay Leng but that was my fave veggie! Omg.. LOL!

Ok, that's my first trimester diary. (Oops.. probably too much info for you to read. :p)
Hoping for better in second trimester.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Summary of 2019

Hey hey, its the time of the day to conclude my year. :D

Nothing much on Jan and Feb because its a New Year and CNY period.

March 23, one of my best friend, Eng Sang got married.
On the same day, my colleague, Jamie got married as well.
Between my bestfriend and my colleague, I have to go for my bestfriend's wedding lah..
Anyway, I am So happy for both of them. ^^

On Apr 19 to 25, was my first trip of the year to Taiwan; Taipei!
I already lose count on hw many time I went there already.
This year challenge was to try different BBT stores which explains my weight gain. Mehhh~
Went to Wulai which I have always wanted to go.
Also, went to this cafe call Woosa and fell in love with the pancakes!

Went on a 3D2N Bintan trip for G's birthday from 23 to 25 May.
Stayed in this nice resort call Canopi.
I think its rename to Natra Bintan, a Tribute Portfolio Resort.
Bad thing is that, its not near the city and we went to this boring ghost town which I cant remember the name of the place. LOL!
The place was really chill and not much people.

I recived my 5th year service award on 27 June.
By right, I am actually with the company for 5.5years.
But because the first half year was contract basis should, 0.5mth was not counted. SO SAD!
Anyway, this is the longest company that I have stayed so far..
Not sure whether its a good or bad thing.

On 1 Sep, we attended my brother wedding at Malaysia because his wife is a Malaysian.
It was a very simple wedding yet a different experience one.
On 28 Sep, my brother held the custom wedding in Singapore.

November 8 to 16, I went on a trip to AU with 2 colleagues - Carol and Elaine.
Main purpose was to attend Christian and Choi San's wedding.
And since we are there for their wedding, we also plan a week trip there to Sydney and Melbourne.
Out of the 2 cities, I would prefer Melbourne due to the shopping district and the shops doesn't close very early.
But maybe because we also didn't really explore much in Sydney so I prefer Melbourne? Haha..

December 21, attended JJ Lin Santuary 2.0 concert with G, Eng Sang and Jingwen together.
Not the first concert together with these girls because we attended Jayesslee one together before.
JJ concert experience was good though our seats were quite far from the stage. :(
He sang many new songs which we don't know but I also found new songs that I liked!

Went JB to perm my hair on 23 Dec so my perm hair is about 1 week old now.
Well, I feel that I like the perm hair that I did back in 2012.
Probably I had long hair previously. Haha..
I can say that perming hair is really cheap in JB as compared to SG, like duh. :p

Recently, I bought a treadmill to run because I really really want to lose weight.
I gained weight since last year but this year seems worst.
I gained like about 10kg! :(
So I am trying to keep fit and also trying to eat healthily nowadays.

These concluded my 2019.
I wonder how 2020 will be but hope its a good one. :)
See you!

Monday, December 31, 2018

Recollection of 2018

Its the same rainy day at the end of the year though past few days the weather was so warm.

Reading what I wrote 10 years ago when I just matured at age 21.
I mostly fulfill my traveling plan.
In my 20s, I was afraid to age but look I am in my 30s now and it just feel like so what? Haha.. those naive days..

Ok, so this year I barely do blogging and I believe I won't be doing much for the next few years anymore.
I will just do summary of the year unless anything interesting or I feel like ranting, then I will blog. :p
It's even less than 10 posts and I am wondering who read my blog anymore. Haha..
Anyway, let me do a recollection of 2018 month by month.

On Feb 25, we gotten our home keys thus a new journey for 2 of us began.
Door opening happens on 3rd March.
The renovation took about 7 months to complete.
Because time is needed to do defect checking, cement screeding, planning, etc.
So we finally moved in on 29 October 2018.

In the same month of March, we traveled to Japan.
Its a 9 days free and easy trip from 29 March to 7 April.
I always wanted to visit Tokyo and finally made it.
Not only we visited Tokyo, we also went to Osaka and Kyoto area.
I really love their scenic places but doesn't like the shopping. Haha..
Oh, and I finally seen the beauty of Sakura~~ so love!

In June, we went to Bali to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary and 10 year of togetherness.
Stayed at Aksari Villa Seminyak and it was a great experience.
I super love the resort which is very relaxing.
The people there are very friendly and attend to us whenever we need.
May visit again in future. :)

In the same month of June, I snipped of my long hair and back to bob hair.
But didn't last long like 2012. I just wish my hair grow longer now. Hahahaha..

In July, I got addicted to a game call Royal Chaos and waste load of money on this game. =X
Even my sis is playing with me so I am not alone. :D
Luckily, I am still playing the game till date else money wasted. Muahaha..
Well, this toxic game keeps me busy which is that's one of the reason I didn't maintain my blog.
I even lazy to post travel pics to Facebook and just posted everything last night.

On November 11, my sis gave birth to Number 2 and I became Ah Yi again.

In the same month of November (23-27 Nov), I traveled to Taiwan with my parent in law.
I almost couldn't make it due to my passport validity issue. -_-"
This last flight of the year really give me a real good lesson learnt!
Silly me, thought that few days past 6 months is okay to travel.
Anyway, I will remember this experience for life and will take note every time when I need to travel.

On December 22, I hold a housewarming session at my home.
Invited some good friends and colleagues for visit.
Happy to hear good reviews of our home. :)

Mostly good stuff happening or maybe because I choose to forget the bad.
Now, I try to remember anything that is bad and I cannot remember much.
The bad that I can remember only happened at workplace because this year we lose a lot of close colleagues. :(
Even my closest colleague also left the company.
I hope for the best for her in her future endeavor.

Oh and one more thing is I hit 60kg this year lah!
Is this the sign of low metabolism rate? Damn.
Cannot outgrow already else all my pretty clothes cannot wear anymore. :(
Need to get up and move!!!

Hmm.. I guess my 2018 is to learn how to be a good wife.
Now, I have a home of my own and I have to do laundry, cleaning and sometimes cooking.
No more help from my mum anymore and shake leg everyday when I am back home.
Luckily, G also helped out a lot because he OCD. Hahaha.. Well, its a good thing that he OCD.
Although, sometimes we will compare who did what, but at the end, we will still need to compromise each other in order to stay together harmoniously.


Wednesday, May 02, 2018





Monday, March 05, 2018

And a new journey begins...

We collected our key on 25 Feb 2018, a Sunday afternoon.
After which, we went over to our house since his family didn't came to PBV before.
We didn't open the door as it was't the auspicious day for us to open.
Hence, we waited for 1 week later, which is the 3 March 2018 to open the door.

We just checked online regarding what to buy and what to do for the first door opening ceremony.
Anyhow, we did a simple procedure.

I'm happy with the reservoir view but the house is really small. Haha..

After which, we try to mark defects that we can see.

Next, we gonna meet up with the ID this coming weekend to help us with the defects check again.
And hopefully we can discuss on the design and concept of our home. :)

Few weeks ago, I also bought 2 beautiful painting from Jaime Teo!
I have been following her drawings because they are really beautiful.
Have been thinking to get the drawings for my home. :)
Though, i didn't get the really wanted drawings, but the following 2 drawings also suit our liking.
Really very happy with it!

Can't wait to get things done for the house. :))))))

Friday, February 23, 2018

Aprilskin Color Cream Review

Hello, this post is a review on Aprilskin Color Cream.
As you can see from the above photo, there are many choice of colors.
I bought blueberry, Ash Latte, Avocado and highlighter.

About 1 weeks before Lunar New Year this year, I decided to dye my hair myself rather than going salon.
This is to save cost.
Since I bought these a months ago but hasn't use any yet so taking this chance to do-it-myself as my blue hair had faded to green.

Previous blue hair turn ashy green.

After dying, you can see it turn dark blue.

And this is the outcome under sunlight.

Really love the outcome!

Verdict: I really love the color!
However the downside is that the color didn't last more than 2 weeks. :(
My hair turn ashy green again as shown in the picture above.
But I guess different people will experience different thing.
Maybe next, I will try Ash Latte myself. :)
Alright, till then I will show you the outcome again~

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Mix Emotion

So I gotten the notification that I am collecting my BTO keys this Sunday!
It’s a mix emotion - happy and sad.
Happy because the long wait is finally over soon and I gonna have my own house.
Sad because I gonna miss my Yishun home where I have my own room.

I am not too sure after I have my own home, will I be happy too.
I feel that there will be lots of challenges coming our way.
The top of my mind would be the money issue.

Just yesterday night, there were some unhappiness between us.
Actually, I was the one who was feeling unhappy.
Haven even move together already has problem what’s more if we moved in altogether?
Maybe, I am just being selfish but I just feel restricted. Sigh~
Just hope everything will be alright.

Sunday, January 07, 2018

"The Invincible 2" Jay Chou Concert Tour 《地表最强2》世界巡回演唱会首站

I never thought that I got the chance to attend this year Jay Chou Concert yesterday (6 Jan 2018)!
But I did!

And I invited Sheauwei to go with me this time.
Really enjoyed the concert.
Songs was also better than last year!

I was also given a good view of the concert.
Really thankful! :)

Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017: A Year to Remember

Hi~ Its a raining day at end of year..
Hmm.. I haven been logging in for more than 2 months!
Since its coming to the end of 2017, I reckon that I should drop by to pen down the happening of this year.

I stepped into the 30s this year and i am not too shy to say that.
Well, its a journey in life.
I guess this is the peak year of my life.
Most of the awesome things happened in this year.

In May, I travelled to London for business trip for a week.
Its a semi solo trip and I always wanted to experience solo trip.
It was a rare opportunity and good experience.
I will not pester my family that I want to go on solo trip in future after this time. :p

In June, I got married to G and this brings our life to the next level.
Though, we still have not really live together permanently as our house is not done yet.
But soon, in a few months time, we will be collecting our home keys.
I’m excited!

In the same month, June, I officially graduated with a bachelor degree.
I can still vividly remember I submitted my dissertation last year October.
During the progess, its seems really long but actually 16 months of study past by really fast before I even knew it!
Thinking back, its been a year plus I left the school! O.O

In July, G and I went for a short holiday aka mini honeymoon at Taiwan.
This holiday is also to take a break - Relax and Rejuvenate.
We went Kenting, Hsinchu and Taipei.
It is the first time we experienced summer in Taiwan and I guess it will be the first and last. Haha~

We had our honeymoon on December.
We traveled to Europe and Dubai and had many first experience together.
First snow experience, first sledging, first white Christmas, first desert experience, etc...
We had an awesome time spent during that trip.
Oh, and I bought my first LV bag, not 1 bag but 2 bags!
Spent about 5k! I think I’m crazy~ T-T

Other than these, lady luck has been quite good to me these year.
I hope that it will continue next year too. :p

In 2018, I look forward to our new home.
Also I have plan to see Sakura in Japan. Hopefully, I can go as planned. :D
Don’t think I can think of resolutions for the new year 那就顺其自然吧。

I hope you have an awesome 2018 too!
See you.. :)

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Cassava Cookies

Another baking session at my sis house.
This time we tried to bake cassava cookies which my sis wanted to do.

Presenting the Cassava cookies that melts in your mouth. =D

Wanted to do the star shaped design but the piping is lousy so I had to made all round shape in the end. -.-"

Friday, October 13, 2017


So last month, September, I was staying over at G's place for the whole month.
Most of the time, we rush back home early to cook dinner together.
Here are some of the 家常菜 that we cooked.
Err.. pardon my photos that I didn't took nicely.

Most food are like "reuse" because we bought that amount of ingredients so we need to get it cooked by those few days.
That's the disadvantage of cooking for 2.
But still, it is challenging to cook at first but I have learnt some dishes. :D

Monday, October 09, 2017

Relocation to New Workplace

I had relocated from town area office to a ulu office.
Actually it was my decision as the town area office are changing to hot desk whereby there is no more perm desk.
Moreover, my other teammates are in the east office now so I guess its better to join them.

It's my 3rd week now.
Started in new office on 26 September 2017.
I can list the pros and cons.
Travelling from home to office is shorter trip and food are cheaper now.
However, I dislike the food choices in the place.
And if the weather is wet, then it will be very troublesome as the place is not sheltered.
I need to take an umbrella and my covered shoes will be wet. :(

Anyway, no point ranting over it now.
Just hope that one day, they will move us all back to town which I feel its impossible.

Goodbye old desk which is bigger. As you can see I cleared off many stuff away. Haha..

New desk now. Dislike the low partition and the desk is smaller. :(

That's all.

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tarts

Recently, I was addicted to BAKE Cheese Tarts.
So my sis said why not we try to bake ourselves/
Since she got an oven in her house, so we decided to try baking it.
For recipe, we just google and select one where we can find the most suitable ingredient.

Below is the end product.
Taste not bad, but still lose to BAKE Cheese Tarts la.. Hahaha~

Monday, October 02, 2017

Its October!

Wow! I've been away for exactly 2 months and there's only 2 months more to year end.
How time flies.
There were so much happening during these 2 months.
There are so much to say and so much to share yet I don't know where to start from.

By the way, I just got back home to stay so I have some 'me time' now.
The whole of September, I was staying at G's place.
That's also one of the reason why I was on hiatus.
But this time is different from June/July period because it was just the 2 of us in September.
It's an experience just like a newly wed in a house but still there's some restriction.
I learnt to cook some dishes, both of us help out together with housework, etc..

Oh, G and I signed up renovation package for our house in August.
Already got some idea on what we wanna do.
Hopefully we can get our keys this Dec.
Looking forward and very excited about it.

This Dec, we will also be going for our formal honeymoon.
Taiwan trip was informal one. :p
We will be going to Europe tour.
Gonna be a brand new experience!

About 2 weeks ago, I also had my family trip to Kukup.
Its just a short 2D1N trip but still quite fun.
Will share in this space soon.

So many things happening but so little time for me to keep the record here.
I'll be back soon with posts and photos.
Ciao~ :)