Thursday, June 11, 2015

9/10 of Unhappiness

I am becoming more and more reluctant coming to this space to update my thoughts and even my travelogues.
Giving up this space would be a pity because there are so much memories recorded in here.
I would really hope that I can finish up my travelogues.

In my younger days, I wrote everything and anything in this space without much thought of who will see this or what people will think.
But as I grow older, I just find that some things are just meant to be kept to self.
Every time, I would just bottle it up and hope it goes away but deep down its not and it won't.
I am quite confused with the feeling inside me and keep trying to shun it away.
I wonder how long this process will take.
I guess I just need to be brave.
I just hope time can move faster a little so that my plan can be executed sooner.
Counting down the days.

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