Sunday, June 28, 2015

Seventh Year Dinner

I haven been posting my recent face on my blog because most of it were from my previous travelogues.
So, today's post will have my face from yesterday.
Not very recent because I went to dye my hair today.
Finally got sick of darker hair shades.

Yesterday was our 7th year Anniversary with boyfriend.
We had dinner at The Line at Shangri-La hotel.
Reached the place early so we went to explore the places since its my first time there.


There is a wide variety to choose from at The Line buffet.
And I think the food is good too, just a little expensive for a small stomach like me.
I think I didn't eat much.
Shouldn't have gone to Toa Payoh Hub to eat the Rojak, if not I would have eaten more.

Also gotten a complimentary chocolate mousse cake due to celebrating Anniversary there.
Ohh I love the cake!

End this post with a nice couple photo taken by one of the nice waitress. :)

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