Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Selfish Gene Cafe

Hello hello.. How was your April's Fool Day?
I wasn't being fooled by anyone so I'm lucky~ :p

So a few weeks ago (yeah~ unproductive in blogging..) we went to check out this cafe call Selfish Gene Cafe along Craig Road.
There are a few cafe around the place, we were deciding between this and The Plain actually.
And decided on this because of the brunch menu they have.

As quoted in their website: "Gene has always been rather selfish when it comes to food. It is not that he will never share his food, but rather he will not serve anyone food that he would not eat himself.", I guess that where they got their interesting name of the cafe.

Breakfast Plate is something I like to order at any cafe for their All Day Breakfast Menu.
However for this, it look really simple.

Bagel & Smoked Salmon is the second choice I would try.
Salad is fresh, salmon is good and Bagel is toasted nicely too.

Kenny said that the Banana Cake is the most popular here.
Too bad I don't eat banana so I didn't get to try it but it look nice. Haha~

Overall, the place is also nice and cozy for gathering with friends.
It wasn't crowded on a Sunday afternoon when we were there.
Probably the area is quite far from the town area even though it quite centralize?

40 Craig Rd, 089678
6423 1324

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