Saturday, April 05, 2008


Everyone can only live once in life.
So have you ever think of what do you want to do or accompanlish in life?

As for me, earning money is NOT the only thing oh..
I want to go travel around the world especially my favourite places - Japan, Korea, HongKong, Taiwan and so on..
I want to experience the four season especially autumn and winter.
I want to see cherry blossam and the red colour kind of autumn leaves.
I want to see the clear water at the ocean in langkawi or perth.

However, i have to earn alot of money in order to do that.
Haix, missed a chance to go Finland with dear to see the aurora.
If i ever have a chance to go overseas with dear's family again, i will definitely fight for my right against my parent to go!

Anyway, my point is that we have to live life fruitfully and dont waste time.
I admit that i have wasted some of my times to gain experiences.
I regret not taking every chances that i have seriously.
For example, when i sign up for the Japanese lesson i didnt go for the classes. :(
I also wants to sign up for vocal lesson and maybe dance lesson if i earn money.

That's what i want to do in life?
What about u?
If you haven thot of it, please do so cz we only can live one time. =D

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