Friday, April 04, 2008

1st day of work

Feeling sleepy right now.
Might knocked out in anytime.

Didnt sleep well last night cz sis sort of came home in the middle of the night at 3am+.
And her friends and her was making some noise.
I am quite a light sleeper, you see.
Also, i suddenly jumped out of bed at ard 5am and check on the time.

Anyway, 1st day of work is okay.
Did nothing much.
1st half day in the morning, i am like intro to some of the staff in the same department as me.
Then, supervisor show me around the place.
Also, i read some of the pdf files and he explained some slides to me.
Had lunch.
After lunch, did some labelling thingy, which i take quite a long time to do and i have yet to finish up yet due to meeting. -.-
Had meeting from 4pm to ard 5.30pm.
Seems like the time pass quite fast too.

Wanted to OT to finish up the labelling but dear came so i left the workplace at ard 6pm.
Monday, will have new stuff to learn again.
I hope it will be a good day. (:

argh, no work stress.
got work oso stress.
what the hell wrong with me?
seems like im thinking a lot nowadays..

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