Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Woke up this morning by my family.
They were searching high and low for my cat.
Suddenly, i heard my dad shouted, "ask you to close the window, why didnt you close?"
Den i jumped up of my bed.
And went out to look.
I couldnt see anything until Kzai pointed out to me.
After which, i saw my dad and then sis run very quickly to the cat.
Saw dad sayang it but it didnt move at all.
Mum beside me cried already, saying its dead.

I went down after 10min to see the cat.
Very saddening.
We discovered it too late already.
If we discovered it early, it might not be dead.
Dad told me, one of its front leg is broken.
Maybe, its in pain and it bit its tongue too death.

Dad put the cat in the box and wanted to put it in the water at the selatar reservoir.
However, gt 1 idiotic fella, came and tell us not to put anything into the water.
The 1st time, we ignored him.
The 2nd time, i wasnt around near them cz i wanted to go home.
Then, i heard my dad shouted very loudly.
I tot he calling for me.
I turned back and saw him holdin onto the box.
I guess that idiotic fella went to confront my dad bahx.
Haix, sucha heartless person.
I curse him, kanna haunted by my cat!
So, my dad went to put in under one of the tree.

Curiosity kills the cat, this is so true!
My cat is so kpo lo.
Always so curious de.
Everytime saw him climb up to the window, we'll always try to stop it.
However, this time i guess its just bad luck bahx.
Mum didnt close the window this time is always one of the swayness.

Haix, nevermind bahx.
Just hope the cat rest in peace. =)

We've raised it for almost 1year already.
Sucha pity..

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