Friday, September 07, 2007

Year 3 Sem1 grades out


First thing first, i wanna say about my module grades.
Computer Animation C+
Digital Media Arts C
Digital Video and Audio C+
Principles of Digital Media Design C+

Seriously, i don expect Animation to get C+.
Well and i expect Principle of Design and Digital Vidoe & Video to get a B!
As my daily grade for that 2 modules are mostly Bs.
But cz of my UT grades like shit, so pull down everything.
Haix, sad.
Very wasted and feel bad for this sem grades cz its my speciality and its wat i can do one.
But i gt sucha shitty grades.

Now, come this shit of FYP grade which i just known today!!!
I WILL BE VERY HAPPY TO GET AT LEAST A C but in the end i gt a fucking D+.
FYI, D+ is considered failed.
And failed by 0.5 can cause a big change in my gpa!
Hanisha gt D+ and Michelle gt C.
And darn, i am not angry that Michelle gt C.
But its because, we did put alot of effort in doing the work.
Tried to solve the problem and all.
Use our freaking brain thinking so hard to solve it.
And its super stress that time.
If i were to know that i am getting this result, i WONT want to crack my fucking brain so hard!
Wasting my freaking time and effort only.

I feel that its freaking unfair to grade us like, failed.
Moreover, that freaking IT security project is not what we choose yet they still gt the cheek to grade us so harsh.
Its not that i am a pro in Java, in LINUX or IT security also.
Cant they just use they fucking eyes to see and brain to think.

I shall try email that LBK.
Wont be reworking the work.
Dont want to waste my freaking time again.

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