Saturday, September 01, 2007

Teachers' Day

So it's past midnight already.
Therefore, its TEACHERS' DAY TODAY!!

Yesterday was Teachers' Day celebration.
Went back OPSS, the crime free school, with GekMui and Hanisha.
Saw some of my bandmates, schoolmates and classmates. *excited*

Met up with GekMui at the bus stop and waited for Hanisha.
When she arrived, we went to OPSS.
Gt to sign up, security damn tight now. so mafan.
Not long after, Yishan & her gang came den we went canteen.
Surprisingly, the old stall vendor are still there!!
Too bad we didnt get to try the food.
Den we saw stella, but didnt catch up with her as she and her friend was talking with Mr Sim.
Den den i saw ELIZA BABE!
Went over and called her.
Chatted awhile and she wanna tk pics with me. :D
My god, our first pic.

After that, the 3 of us went up to the hall to see the concert.
Before the concert start, we cam whored. lolx

The concert started with NPCC doing a show.
Den they let the principle and teachers walk down the aisle to their seats.

That our principle, Mr Low. Very blur cz i zoom.

There are numerous of performance.
Mostly are from dance club and video clips from some of the class.
I see that this batch has the enthusiasm there, unlike our time. hahax.
Some video clips are very touching. :)
After the performace, all the teachers and principle gathered at the stage.
I tot they are cutting cake like the past, but this time they have wine.
And bcz Mr Low is in this school for the last year, they did the yum seng.

After the performance, i caught up with bandmates, ShiJie, almost forget his name.
Chat for awhile den the 3 of us went to find teahcers at the staff room.
I wanted find Luo Lao Shi & Ms Koh but heard from Ms Chang that they went Shen Dong with a grp of students. So sad.
Saying about Ms Chang, i was really surpised to see her changes.
I saw her backview but i din recognize her.
Cz she grow her hair long.
Chatted with her for awhile and we went to the 3rd floor.

We went to the art studio.

I tot they will take out my artpiece.

Though its not a very nice one.
But i did put my heart and soul into the work ok. :)
Asked Mdm Loy if we could take back our sec5 batik and she say that we cant.
Its still with the MOE.
If we want to retrieve it, we haf the wait for a very long time.

Oh ya, and we heard a shocking news from Mdm Loy.
Mrs Lester, the art instructor, who helped us with the batik had just passed away this year June/July.
Felt very bad, cz we last time always dont like her.
Because she always scold us and has a very bad temper.
But i know that in her heart, she want us to do well.
Anyway, hope that she will rest in peace. :)
Saw Mdm Tan, who is Mrs Lester's sister and we chatted awhile.
Didnt stayed long, cz all the teachers are leaving for lunch.

So we went down to meet Yishan they all.
They wanted to go to Taka for shopping and the 3 of us didnt joined them.
But we did manage to take some photos before we part.

Wanted to find Mr Low but he left already.
Therefore, maybe sometimes this year b4 he left, we will come back and find him.

和好朋友在recess time聚在一起吃或说说笑笑。

Oh well, this might be the last time going back sec school le.
If not we will all be the old Alumni already. lolx.

P.S: Sorry for the chinese words, i cant really express in english so i type it in chinese.

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