Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Trip to BINTAN - Day 1

Day 1 - 2 June 07

Went to Tanjung Pinang which is located on Bintan island.
The time different is 1hr. (e.g: SG 12pm. TP 11am.)

(Click on photo for zoom)

Woke up damn early that day, at ard 5am morning.
Washed up and the family went out at 6.30am.
Walked to Block 804.
Met up with daddy's fren and family, register and off we go to Tanan Merah Ferry Terminal.
There's a coach to send us there. =)

Sis and Me being boliao.

When we reach the ferry terminal, we had to check in.
Den went to the departure gate and wait to board the ferry.

While waiting, we were so bored, so we fooled ard with the camera. =)

Sis & Me, Bro & GF (Jia Wei)

Sis fooling ard.

At ard 9.15pm, we board the ferry.

the 3rd row - Wavemaster

It took ard 1hr 45min nearly 2hr to reach there.
Was tired so fall aslp.

Once reached there, it rained heavily. -.-"
But it's only for awhile la.
Den we took the mini bus to the Hotel to check in.

Room 616, shared with sis.

After putting our stuff in the hotel, we gathered at the lounge den off we went to have our lunch.
Well, the food for the 1st day was not so nice. (only some is nice)
Din really ate much tat day. -omgx

Our 1st stop, to the temple.
Wah, on the way there.
The road was so bumpy.
And the road is like roller coaster siak.
The bus is going on high and low slopes.
But it was fun la.

Anyway, once i reach the temple, went ard the place and took pics.
Hmm, the statues there, are very big and nice lo.
Especially the Thousand Arms Buddha.
And the Journey to the West Characters look kinda real. -haax

Sis with the kitty there. -so cute, i mean the kitty ;p

Well its juz the 1st stop, Jia Wei, Sis and me gt bitten my mosqutoes. -omgx

Next, we went to the Kelong house near the temple.
As in like, cz SG cant see this type of houses mahx.
So we went to view the houses.
Some look old, some look nice cz the houses are painted.
Some are occupied, some are not.
You can see the raft there, these are for them to travel ard on the sea.

Kelong houses & rafts.

This is the hotel.

After which, we went to a store to get some tibits if i am not wrong.
Den we went to the 2nd temple which is the new one.
The 2nd one is better cz its build on high mountain.
Once i get off the bus, i went to look at the nice scenery there and thot of dear. =X

Asked sis to tk for me de. :)

Well, nice rite?
If you were there, you sure will agree with me de. :D

Ard the new temple

There's this 500 Luo Han(s) which is going to send to SG.
Dunno to where and dunno when. -lolx

After that, we went to the cutterfish store.
Bought some cutterfish back SG to eat. -yumyum
Den i saw this little chicky damn cute.

However, i guess its injured.
Cz the other chicky runs away when we get near to it.
But this chicky juz sat there.
So poor thing. :(

After this, we went shopping!! -YAY!
Went to, the name is Mall Tanjung Pinang.
Tour guide gave us 2hrs to shop.
So i went ard to look for stuff lo.
Stuff there was cheap for ger clothings but not the guy.
I get 2 tops for myself. :)
Wanted get for dearest but it was damn hard to find cz the size of the clothes tat i wanted get to dearest are all M, L and XL.
Neither was S. -omgx
Den i was complaining to mum ah, i cant find, cant find. -pengx
Also, had hard time to shop cz dad was holding the money and he was like walking ard the mall himself, we, especially mum, were wondering where was he. -.-
In the end, he came find us la.
If nt i wouldnt haf get my tops. -hehx

After shopping, it was dinner time!! (SG time - 8pm)
Went to this seafood restaurant.
Obviously the food are mostly seafood, like prawns, seashells, fish, sotong, crabby.
Hehx, didnt ate much tat dinner cz not so nice bahx.
But its better than the lunch. =X

Pic taken at the seafood restaurant.
That yellow thingy is the moon and the reflected moon on the water.

Back to the hotel after eating.
Watched abit of the TV.
Was surprise that there's SG channels.
But didnt watch show and went slpt early.

Took while waiting for sis to come out from bathing.

After i bathe, went to slp early. (SG time - 11pm)

Kk till here.
Will update day 2 when i am done with the pics.
Probably tml. =)

Tatax, tired.
Gg slp le.
Tml FYP meeting. -yawnx

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