Friday, June 29, 2007


Had Principle of Digital Media Design today.
It was fun.
Each people in class get 1 camera to take picture.
Objective is to take photos with different composition technique.
Den make a story.
However, at the end of the day, i was unable to make up a story la.
Cz the photos that i tk which i feel it nice couldnt link into a story. -hahax
Anyhow, i still enjoy taking shots of photos.

Here's are some of my photos.

That girl is Shanny in case you wonder.

Composition Technique - Rule of Thirds

Chong chong~ eek!

What do you think about my photography skills?
I should join Photography IG!!!!!

Well, well.
Here's some random pics that my fren & me took.

Shadow of Shanny & me.
Shot suggest my Shanny.

The 2 Lisha-s in my class.
Left - Li Lisha
Right - Cui Lisha

Shot taken by Shanny.
Its her work, i think she include in the PPT.
Kah Hao, Me, Cui Lisha & Moses

Another by Shanny again

Been sayin Hui San, Shanny but you still have not seen who is she right?
Here's one that i took. ;p

Hui San aka Shanny aka Ah Boy

Hahax. ;p

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