Monday, March 05, 2018

And a new journey begins...

We collected our key on 25 Feb 2018, a Sunday afternoon.
After which, we went over to our house since his family didn't came to PBV before.
We didn't open the door as it was't the auspicious day for us to open.
Hence, we waited for 1 week later, which is the 3 March 2018 to open the door.

We just checked online regarding what to buy and what to do for the first door opening ceremony.
Anyhow, we did a simple procedure.

I'm happy with the reservoir view but the house is really small. Haha..

After which, we try to mark defects that we can see.

Next, we gonna meet up with the ID this coming weekend to help us with the defects check again.
And hopefully we can discuss on the design and concept of our home. :)

Few weeks ago, I also bought 2 beautiful painting from Jaime Teo!
I have been following her drawings because they are really beautiful.
Have been thinking to get the drawings for my home. :)
Though, i didn't get the really wanted drawings, but the following 2 drawings also suit our liking.
Really very happy with it!

Can't wait to get things done for the house. :))))))

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