Friday, February 23, 2018

Aprilskin Color Cream Review

Hello, this post is a review on Aprilskin Color Cream.
As you can see from the above photo, there are many choice of colors.
I bought blueberry, Ash Latte, Avocado and highlighter.

About 1 weeks before Lunar New Year this year, I decided to dye my hair myself rather than going salon.
This is to save cost.
Since I bought these a months ago but hasn't use any yet so taking this chance to do-it-myself as my blue hair had faded to green.

Previous blue hair turn ashy green.

After dying, you can see it turn dark blue.

And this is the outcome under sunlight.

Really love the outcome!

Verdict: I really love the color!
However the downside is that the color didn't last more than 2 weeks. :(
My hair turn ashy green again as shown in the picture above.
But I guess different people will experience different thing.
Maybe next, I will try Ash Latte myself. :)
Alright, till then I will show you the outcome again~

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