Saturday, May 20, 2017

The 30th Celebration

This post came in a little late.
I had my annual celebration with my friends and colleagues. ^^
Thanks all for the treats and I really appreciate. :)

16 April 2017
Meet up with Huisan and Lixian.
Went to Huisan's house to see the progress.
Really excited what the final outcome will be like.
After which, we had dinner at Olivia Cafe - Compass One

20 April 2017
My lunch buddy treated me birthday lunch at JIN Fine Dining at Amoy Hotel.
I always thought the food is very atas and expensive.
But surprisingly, it is like the usual japanese food.
Sashimi are very fresh.
Love the food!

When I got back from my lunch, I saw this.
Haha my 古灵精怪 lunch buddy always has tricks up her sleeve.

22 April 2017
Lunch was at The Talad Drink & Thai Kitchen.
Waited for 2hr hours to bought the instagrammable drink.
I think the drink is refreshing but not very worthy I guess.

Dinner, we had buffet feast at Riz Carlton Hotel.
Because G said the buffet was good there so I want him to treat. Haha..
In the end, I find the food there okay only.

23 April 2017
Actual birthday at Boufe Cafe.
Because I want to try the instagrammable unicorn and mily way cake.
So I decided that we should have brunch here. =D

24 April 2017
Back to work and I had training.
Colleague suggested for tea break session and surprised me with cake.
I was really surprised. :)

25 April 2017
Celebration with Hanisha.
Had dinner somewhere near home at Orchid Live Seafood Restaurant.

26 April 2017
Dinner at Miam Mian-JEM with Sheauwei after work.
Had our usual short catchup as well.

28 April 2017
Met up with Jingwen and Engsang at Northpoint for dinner.
Didn't go far or stayed late because I had to fly off for Biz Trip the next day.
Hence, this was quite a rush birthday dinner.
Still I appreciate the meet up. :)

11 May 2017
Met up with Tommy at Sun Plaza for dinner.
I cannot even remember when was the last time I went to that mall.
And it has changed a lot.
We ate sushi express and had dessert at Gelare.

19 May 2017
Met up with Winnie for dinner at the Assembly Ground.
Found another place with yummy duck pizza.

That's all for my 30th celebration.

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