Monday, May 01, 2017

First Work Trip!

Hi, from London!
This was an impromptu work trip.
Gotten the approval on Thursday (27 April), then fly on Saturday (29 April).
Everything was a rush but luckily all went well.

It is my second day here today.
I wanted to blog yesterday but was too sleepy to do so.
Hence, I rested early yesterday.
Woke up early today to explore around the area myself.
I must say that this is really solo yolo.
I always longed for a solo trip and now I have no regret.
I will not pester my mum for any more solo trip.
Once is enough because I just wanted an experience. Haha~
Still, I can see that my mum is very worried.

Even though, I am miles away from home.
I still get do video calls with my family and G, just to make them not worried. Haha..
Surprisingly, Veron also called me earlier. :))
Gesture like this makes me feel that I am not lonely on this trip. :)

Not home sick yet but still long for home.
Counting down to 5 days! Cya~

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