Sunday, January 08, 2017

Matcha-misu & Milo-misu

G have been pestering me to make Milomisu for him.
So last week on the 2nd day of 2017, I made Milomisu for him and the family.
Then mum said its nicer this time because the cream is firmer.
I guess previously I used milk rather than thickened cream.
Anyway, she said its not enough for her and the family because all of us just get to eat one small piece.

And today I made double servings!
Confirm chop sure very enough for the family. LOL!
So I made Milomisu again and also tried out Matchamisu recipe.

I actually wanted to bring one box to the office for my colleagues to try but gave up the idea because mum says confirm we all can finish it.
So, that's too bad for my colleagues.
Also, I don't want to bear the responsibility if any anyone had stomachache after eating the food I make. :p

Just tried the Matcha one.
A little too sweet but still yummy.

I actually thinking of making new flavors like Lavender, Rose and Orange.
Guess I'll just open one shop to sell tiramisu la. LOL!
Ok. I will sleep early tonight to dream...

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