Saturday, December 31, 2016

Reflecting on 2016

Looking back the past 12 months, I think it's quite an exciting year for me and my family, especially the second half of the year.
I am also relieved that everything is back on path for me.

Alright so here are what was accomplished:
- Family trip which we haven done in the last 10 plus years. We went to Cruise and Hong Kong Trip.
- Blood Donation that I always wanted to do since young.
- Attended to my second Jay Chou's concert and this time, together with G, Veron, and her bf.
- Wrote about 10K essay which I've never done before.
- Completed my Degree course and currently still waiting for my result to release next year.
- Wedding Preparations.
- My 2nd trip to Korea, this time with G!
- A new generation was born in my family which you can see some of his photos in my past post.
- Witness my BFF Sheau Wei's wedding in Penang.

Actually, many second overseas trips this year.
HK, Korea and Penang are my second overseas trips.
Only cruise is my first experience.

Now that I see..
Actually I accomplished a lot.
And to say that my last year resolution was just hoped to be more positive and confident in myself.
So I can say that I surpassed what I hoped for.
I guess I became more positive in some ways but still feeling negative in something else.
About being confident, maybe just a teeny weeny bit? I am not sure.. and that's more for work stuff.

In the coming year 2017, I foresee that its gonna be a very exciting year for me!
- I am stepping into 30th (Can't really tell what's so exciting about this but its a milestone.)
- I will be graduating with a Bachelor degree (That says if I passed my dissertation.)
- Marriage.
- Might be getting our house key by end of the year.

I can't think of any resolution next year.
But I hope that everything will goes well smoothly.
I also hope that there will be a good and new opportunity for me next year. :)

Ok, That's all.
Happy New Year!
Hope you have a great one too!

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