Friday, January 22, 2016

Feeling Unmotivated

I am here feeling very unmotivated to do my assignments. 西北痛苦啊~
Feels so dead as time is not enough.
I think my brain activates after 10pm.
That's when I start to have ideas to write something. Better than nothing..
So I guess that's explain why I have difficulty sleeping at night...?

Took half day off from school today because bth the lecturer.
Thought I can come back early to start but then I dragged until now (11.30pm), nothing done.

Well. I have already think of what I am gonna do after I graduate!
I am so gonna chiong all my Taiwan, Korean drama.
Play all my Zelda and RPG games.
Oh, I miss my life...

Ok done complaining.
Back to assignments... :(

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