Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Start of Term 4

Hey, its the second week of January already and today marked my 2nd year in TG.
I realized that I missed out a post on Term 4, hence, I am back here to take a short break.
I had lesson earlier so I just got back home not long ago.
Feeling lethargic now but I want to get some things settled and my mind cleared first before I go to bed.

I haven been sleeping well lately...
Within this 2 weeks, I had insomnia or light sleep a few times.
My eye bags and skin condition are getting worse. D;
Anyway, back to the real topic.
As I said before, this term is rather a short term so assignment submission are quite rush.
ABE class is surprisingly fine.
We thought that we won't able to understand the lecturer (because he's an Indian lecturer) but he is good.
I can concentrate his class more than C&O.
I totally switched off when I'm in C&O class because the lecturer is too naggy on unrelated stuff.
Really not sure how am I going to survive.
With about 1 month more to submission, I haven even started a word for C&O.
So I'm now writing Part A of ABE assignment which the lecturer says that there's no right, no wrong.
Even with such comment, my friends and I are still quite unsure what we are writing about.
They say just anyhow bomb, I told them that we also need to bomb intelligently. -_-"
I feel so dead.
Its like I am not progressing good enough for this term and worse still I'm targeting to get a Second Class (Upper) Honours.
Oh, and 10,000 words for dissertation! Good luck to me..

Endure.... endure....

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